All British Motorcycle Show

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All British Motorcycle Show

Beitragvon Gerd M. » Sonntag 31. Dezember 2017, 14:38

Gerd M.
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Re: All British Motorcycle Show

Beitragvon Wuselwahnwitz » Sonntag 31. Dezember 2017, 15:07

Hab ich schon von gehört, ein Kumpel von mir fährt das wohl öfter mal hin. ... soll gut sein.
...kann aus 'nem Hundehaufen wieder 'ne Dose Chappi restaurieren..........obwohl

Verkloppe übrigens 650/750er sowie 500er UNIT Motorständer für die Werkbank oder für's Regal....
Dr. Wu
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Re: All British Motorcycle Show

Beitragvon Jo » Montag 1. Januar 2018, 12:20

Edle Veranstaltung, soweit mir berichtet wurde, war 2017 die letzte dieser Art.

--> http://www.classic-british-motorcycles. ... -2017.html

At the end of a fantastic day and an other excellent Clubmans Show, the key members of the BSAOCNC went up on stage and made an announcement that many in the audience knew was coming. This would be the last Clubmans Show, as we know it. The long-running venue for the show, the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds in San Jose CA is closing down so they’d need a new venue. Not an easy thing to do, especially when you’re only charging $5.00 for tickets and $20.00 to show your bike. And, these stalwarts of the Club have been putting on Clubmans Shows for 30 years now and they were getting tired. But is this really the end? Certainly the BSAOCNC is still alive and well and will continue to do their great rides every month. But what of this landmark all-British motorcycle show? There are already rumblings within and outside the club to reboot the Clubmans Show at a new venue and with a new format. Nothing has been decided yet. But some hope that in its new form it will reach and attract a much larger audience than the traditional Clubmans Shows attendance of a couple hundred or so. It is hoped that more exposure for classic British motorcycles will usher in the next generation of Brit bike enthusiasts, the ones who will keep it going into the future. That is certainly my hope. More on this as details develop.
Four Stroker
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